In March of 2014, Carrefour Collaborative brought Chicago rappers Psalm One and Fluffy to Haiti to collaborate with Haitian musicians in Leogane and Jacmel, and to record songs. Artists from both the US and Haiti were completely inspired by the trip. With help from your donations, we intend to make collaborations like these a permanent installation. Below are photos from the life-changing trip.

Messiah Brown Productions Presents: The Léogâne Episant Album – Haiti (Audio)

In Leogane, Haiti a community of musicians has been working hard to build a professional recording studio to serve their artistic community. With the help of the Carrefour Collaborative, MBP has become a fully functional recording facility. The Leogane Episant compilation was all recorded at MBP and is available for download. Pay what you want for this release, but know all proceeds go to support MBP.

Listen below.